Here are some photos from last Saturday’s wedding…

Messy Church “Feeding the 5000”

Messy Church is a fun way of being church for families. A chance for children and adults to be creative, explore faith and enjoy a meal.

At our first Messy Church on 18th June we found out how Jesus turned 5 loaves and 2 fishes into an enormous picnic! We made boats from big boxes (to hide in like Jesus did), painted 5000 (ish!) people on a hillside, made our own bread loaves, shimmery fish, and fishy biscuits! We had fun playing with water, made a mess gathering up (rice crispy) crumbs, celebrated and ate together. Above all we learned that just like the little boy in the story we can all do amazing things with Jesus in our lives.

Here are a few photos from our first Messy Church on 18th June.

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Yummy Pasta Thank you prayers Paint print challenge Paint print challenge 2 Gathering up crumbs Breadmaking Boat making Boat making 2

In Holy Week the children from Sunnyside Spencer Academy came to St Barnabas to learn about the Easter Story. The church was transformed with six tableaux ‘stations’ set up around the building. Storytellers at each station told their part of the Easter story to small groups of children and then helped them explore some of the links between Jesus’ experiences and their own lives. The children took an active part in the story by, for example washing and drying each other’s hands and sharing bread.

Quotes form the school teachers:

​”It was well planned, accessible to our younger children and a generally lovely event – thank you!!!” 

​”​ The whole event was well organised and the activities planned were relevant for the childrens ages. Enjoyed by all. Thank you for all your time and hard work​”

​”​I just wanted to say how wonderful the Easter extravaganza was this afternoon.  It is clear that all involved had put a lot of time and effort into making it an engaging and interesting experience for all children.  I have taught and have seen others teach the Easter story many times but never have I seen it taught in such an exciting and interactive way.  

All of the volunteers were really lovely and fantastic story tellers.  It was certainly a worthwhile and enjoyable afternoon. I would like to thank everyone for their time and energy, not only that but I will be mag-pieing the idea when I next teach this story or another.  

Thank-you once again”