Welcome to The Orchard

The Vision

The new worshipping community is called The Orchard. We are a community growing DEEP ROOTS of faith in Jesus and FRUITFUL LIVESthrough the work of the Holy Spirit.

We aim to bless and sow the gospel in every corner and with every person in Inham Nook and Eskdale

We do that as we EAT, PLAY and GROW together:

  • Welcoming all as we share food and eat together and are fed by Jesus, God’s word.
  • We are playful and joyfully young at heart. Everyone of all ages has an important part to play in the community, and we’re praying into Jesus’ example of putting children and young people at the centre.
  • We give each other the time, space and encouragement in the power of the Holy Spirit to learn and grow into the people God made us to be, and produce His fruit.

Part of The Orchard vision is to be church that reaches across social and cultural divides. Inham Nook and Eskdale have a strong sense of community and identity, but also has the highest percentage of people who say they are of no faith. It is also an area of greater hardship than average, with households with social and economic backgrounds that are significantly underrepresented in most churches, including the current congregations in our parish.

Like all Orchards, we’re seasonal and connected with our local environment, responding to what’s going on around us. Some Sundays we gather to eat together at St Barnabas as we play games and share food and faith, with songs and other different ways of exploring God’s story. Other Sundays, you might find us at the recreation ground and skate park; loving our neighbourhood by litter picking and prayer-walking; going on family walks and campfire adventures; or bringing summer BBQs and games to different parts of the neighbourhood.

The Orchard will effectively operate as a new congregation, under the overall leadership of Ryan Mellor with a supporting team. Ryan is accountable to the vicar, Andy Tufnell.